A disaster. Any misfortune or mishap. A fiasco.
A Pity Party.
A Celebration of it all.
What's Your Story?

Let us tell you some of ours.............


Breaking the boundaries of Female expectation…and objectification.

Self-Love is an act…not an Instagram post. Live the message, pass it on!

I’ve got a fever…and the only medicine is RAINBOW KITTEN SURPRISE!

The CATASTROPHE! premieres "Rainbow. Kitten. Surprise!" April 2017. Cheryl Mann Productions. Photo curtesy of Los Angeles Dance Festival.

I'll eat you whole. Cat Cogliandro choreography, Ian Eastwood direction

Ripe&Ruin. 2nd Runner Up Capezio ACE Awards

Hide (Don't) Seek. CATASTROPHE! guest performs at The Pulse on Tour

Cavalier. Choreography by Cat Cogliandro, Cinematography by Shar Shar